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Welcome to the TRPOA Tract Maps feature, where you can virtually visit Terlingua Ranch, its landmarks, facilities, property maps, and selected hotspots and services.

The information contained herein is intended for reference and demonstration purposes only. By viewing and using this web application you agree to release POATRI, its affiliates, subsidiaries and associates from any and all liabilities associated with this information and/or web application.
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Agua Fria Big Bend Valley Cedar Springs North Corazones Highway 118 Solitario
F123 - F238
F245 - F633
F727 - F859
H1 - H2
3072 - 3740
5001 - 5169
H30 - H158
G1 - G752
4008 - 4981
5201 - 5291
C1 - C155
C155 - C403
6000 - 6862
NC1 - NC1023
441- 1309
1400 - 1500
1601 - 1699
8001 - 8943
9000 - 9050
1 - 430
1801 - 1830
GT101 - GT155
F1 - F122
2000 - 3071

Download TRPOA Tract Maps Google Earth KML (this file will NOT include the Property Maps)


To navigate the system, click on a point, or choose a point from the "Points" menu at the top of the map.  The navigation buttons to the left allow you to pan or zoom the map.  Double-clicking the map will recenter and zoom the map at the clicked location. "Layers" are data feeds from other services and allow the user to experience much more from the map system.

Alternatively, there is a visual walk through guide to assit you in choosing your area, block and section number on the map.  Use this guide by clicking on your area, then section number.  Visual Guide >>

Use the buttons in the upper right hand corner to change betwen map, satellite, and terrain imagery.

By clicking on the "Directions" button, you will be taken to Google Maps, where you will be able to enter a start location and receive step-by-step driving directions to that point.  Points that are not located on a road will not give directions.

The Google Earth button will allow you to download a KML file.  Save this file to your computer and you will be able to view the map data in Google Earth (this file will NOT include the Property Maps).  For more information about KML and Google Earth, please visit http://earth.google.com/

Clicking on the Link button will bring a small popup box with a URL.  Copy and paste this URL into your web browser, email program, or web site to link directly to that piece of data.

TRPOA Tract Map was created using the revolutionary WexZone MAPPER system, which allows anyone to have a Google Maps powered map on their site.  MAPPER supports unlimite maps, points, routes, and layers.  Visit WexZone Software for more information.

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