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Road Maintenance Guidelines

An important benefit of membership in the Property Owners Association is the maintenance of roads that access your property. We are, however, limited in what we are able to provide at this time.

We operate one maintainer (road grader), a landscape tractor, and a backhoe. We are attempting to reduce erosion and make more long-lasting repairs as we go. However, our equipment cannot cover the 1200 miles of Terlingua Ranch with any sort of speed.  We may not need to grade or repair EVERY road EVERY year.  Road maintenance is performed as needed.

As a new owner you must be prepared to the best of your ability to be self-sufficient in the use of your road access. In general, four wheel drive is necessary in only a very few cases. However, high clearance and a knowledge of how to drive through sand and mud, gravel and rocks is essential.

We cannot guarantee the quality of your access at any time. Reality is that even if we worked your road yesterday, today's rain storm may wash you out just before you arrive.

If you are planning to move into a house, trailer, or RV, or to bring in materials for building, you must realize that we cannot necessarily operate on your schedule, much as we would like to have the ability to do so. When you are planning a trip, and particularly if you are planning to bring in any sort of trailer, please save yourself possible inconvenience and grief by contacting the General Manager first and discussing your plans.

Steve Chene, General Manager

Dennis Nance, Road Crew Foreman



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